• Meet the parents raising vegan babies

    The rapid rise in veganism in the UK has been driven by young people. Here, four parents explain how to raise a vegan child safely The number of vegans in the the UK has shot up by 350% to 542,000 people in a decade. This increase seems mainly to be driven by young people – […]

  • Sushi Donuts Are A Thing Now

    There are many different types of sushi out there, from Chirashizushi and Nigirizushi to Oshizushi and Inarizushi. But there’s never been a donut sushi. Not until now that is! The idea was pioneered by Sam, a vegan food creatrix who recently posted pictures of her culinary creations for her 142k followers on Instagram (she also […]

  • The rise of vegan teenagers: ‘More people are into it because of Instagram’

    The number of vegans in the UK has risen by 350% in the past decade a movement driven by the young. Here, teens explain why they are ditching meat and dairy Veganism is on the rise. In 2006, 150,000 people in the UK opted for a plant-based diet. Today, 542,000 do. Thats a 350% increase. […]

  • Football club goes vegan in ‘world first’ – BBC News

    Image copyright Forest Green Rovers Image caption The club said it wanted to demonstrate what a vegan diet consisted of A football club is claiming to be the world’s first to adopt a vegan match day menu after removing cows’ milk from its hot drinks. National League club Forest Green Rovers stopped selling meat burgers […]

  • First no shaving, then no booze: now meat and dairy face the chop

    Veganuary campaign expects 50,000 people to join the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Romesh Ranganathan and Sara Pascoe for a month free of animal products In the beginning, there was Movember. Then there was Stoptober. Now prepare yourself for Veganuary. Those who have overindulged this festive period may be tempted to turn vegan for January. If […]

  • Bill Clinton Says Going Vegan May Have Saved His Life

    Rushing to catch a flight after last week’s Nevada primary, former president Bill Clinton grabbed a quick bite at Las Vegas’ vegan cafe, Simply Pure. (He chose the green chili enchiladas and sampled “unbelievable” nachos, according to Politico,)    When Hilary and Bill Clinton order so much food from your restaurant that you have to shut down for an […]

  • Vegetarian dinosaurs sometimes strayed for a shellfish snack study

    Analysis of fossilised dinosaur dung suggests some herbivorous dinosaurs may have also eaten crustaceans Some dinosaurs may not have been the strict vegetarians that palaeontologists thought they were. New analysis of fossilised dinosaur dung suggests some herbivorous dinosaurs may have also eaten crustaceans, according to a new study published Thursday in the Nature journal Scientific […]