Top 5 vegetarian meals for kids

Kids have a fascination for foods. They want to take those foods that have a good color and a good taste. If these two things are missing from the foods then the kids will not take it. The food has to be made in such a way that it must be delicious as well as coloring so that the kids can take the food at ease. In the present day there are many dishes made by the renowned people for the kids. But among them the vegetarian meals for kids have gain a spot as the best delicious veg food.

Get the best recipes for making vegetarian meals for kids

Making a recipe for the kid is not an easy job. You have to spend more time on the kitchen than spending the vacation time with them. But now all your queries have been answered by the celebrity chefs. In the present day the kid friendly vegan meals have been used in many households to give the kids the best of the recipe foods. These are the kid friendly vegetable recipes so that moms can spend more of their time with their toddlers or kids than spending more time in the kitchen. Try out vegetarian recipes for kids’ lunch box.

Easy Friendly Roasted Vegetarian


Top 5 vegetarian meals for kids

The best thing to make delicious vegetarian meals for kids is to bake the vegetables. This baking of the vegetables will make it more colorful. This color will make an appealing smoothness to the dish. Only the fresh and the green vegetables will be used to make the dish. At the very first cut the vegetables into pieces. After cutting the vegetables toss them in the frying pan with the little mixture of olive oil, pepper and salt.

After doing the toss now it is the time to bake them. The whole process is now done and serves them in the foil packs. To make the dish more delicious add some rosemary leaves so that it smells great.

Vegetable Lollipop for Kids

Making a vegetable dish for the kids takes a lot of time. The vegetarian meals for kids must be done in such a way that it tastes delicious and also make an appeal in the dish. To make this dish you have to take three pieces of boiled potatoes, paneer, carrot must be chopped in a fine way, onion chopped in the process of carrot, red chili powder, garlic and ginger paste, salt, turmeric, breadcrumbs and corn flour. Mash the boiled potatoes at first and the paneer.

Now put the chopped eggs in the mashed potatoes and paneer along with the finely chopped carrots. After that add the turmeric powder into it and the garlic and ginger paste. Now it is the time to mix it but before that mixing ad salts according to taste. After the mixing is done make little balls of the mixture and refrigerate it for an hour.

Make a batter of the corn flour and then dip the balls into the batter and coated it with the breadcrumbs. After the coating is done now put the balls into the frying pan. It must be remember that the frying must be done with the olive oil. At the very first make the flame low and gradually upsurge the flame so that the whole thing gets fried easily. Serve the kid friendly vegan meals with tooth picks and sauce in a little bowl.

Pizza Paratha

Top 5 vegetarian meals for kids

There are many dishes available in the market to make delicious dishes for the kids. But this recipe will help you in making the best vegetarian recipes for kids’ lunch box. To make this dish you have to take the flours of whole wheat, chopped bell peppers, grated mozzarella cheese, corn kernels, chopped onions, cooking Oil, water, salt, pizza sauce, chopped olives and Italian seasoning. At the very first make dough with the flours of whole wheat by adding water and salt into it.

Add little bit of oil in your hands to make the dough a smooth one. Left the dough for rest for some minutes and in this time adds the chopped bell peppers into the grated mozzarella cheese along with chopped onions, corn kernels, chopped olives, salt and Italian seasoning. Now mix the whole thing for a minute and then left it in a side. Now make the Paratha with the dough by dipping it in the dry flours.

The size of the Paratha must be big and in the whole Paratha applied the pizza sauce. Put the mixture in the Paratha. Remember that only one portion of the Paratha must be filed with the mixture. Cover the other half of the Paratha and sealed it with the use of forks. Fry the whole thing in the olive oil with the medium temperature. If you found that the Paratha is getting brown spots spray some oils into it. Take the Paratha out of the frying pan and cut it. Your dish is ready to serve.

Vegetarian sandwich

This is the best kid friendly vegetable recipes. To make the recipe you have to take the fresh vegetables from the market. Make a batter of the vegetables or squeeze them in the breads. Put the bread into the grill for an hour or according to the timer. Your dish for the kids is ready to serve as breakfast.

Lentil Veggie Nuggets

Top 5 vegetarian meals for kids

To make this recipe you need dried red lentils, two slice of bread, a carrot of medium size grated, a small size of grated courgette, a few amount of grated cheddar cheese, a table spoon of dried mixed herbs and a little amount of frozen peas and corn. At the very first soak the lentils in cold water for almost more than an hour. Grind the bread after that mix the carrot, grated courgette, grated cheddar cheese, dried mixed herbs and frozen peas and corn in a mixer grinder to form a paste.

Now make balls with the mixtures and also mix the lentils. Now make the whole thing baked for some minutes in the microwave and your recipe is ready to serve.

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